Our Story

Camille Jensen

I remember reading my first book. It was from the Dick and Jane series and my older sister was there coaching me along. This kick-started a love of reading that continues today and for which I am incredibly grateful for. 

Whenever I want to learn something, I reach for a book.

As an avid reader, I saw problems with our book market. Most importantly, if you want to buy a used book locally you have to physically go to the used book stores as nothing is catalogued online. Adding to this, when I finished reading a book I had nothing to do with it other than put it on my bookshelf where it would gather dust. 

Inspired by the potential to share books more widely and reduce waste through collaborative consumption, I founded Local Reads with Dan Arbeau.

Suzan Wood-Young

Reading and sharing books has been a part of my life since early childhood when I visited friends and poured over their comics and the Dr. Seuss books that I didn’t own.

My first job at age 14 was at my local library and I’ve worked at three other libraries since then.

Though I hold an honours degree in Psychology, I often think I should have gone into Library Science.  Working at Local Reads helps fulfill my secret yen to be a librarian and supports my desire to live a waste conscious life.

I also enjoy writing first person essays and non-fiction.  My work has been read on a number of CBC Radio One programs and I hope to publish my 100 year old father-in-law’s World War Two memoir Young Sahib, in 2019.

Dan Arbeau

These days I mostly read code as I build out the Local Reads platform and customer experience. 

When I’m not working on Local Reads, I enjoy reading science fiction, biographies, and books about entrepreneurship and business.

I have always enjoyed working with computers and started to code when I was in my teens. From there, I have had a great time being creative and building many different projects on and offline.

Our Mission

Local Reads aims to enhance the book market by making it easy to buy used books locally.

We are a values-based business, promoting literacy and corporate social responsibility through our day-to-day business practices. Watch for more information on these initiatives as we discover where we can best make an impact in the communities we serve.

Our story is just beginning! Local Reads launched September, 2017.